How to Increase Bookings for Your Accommodation Website

A good accommodation booking system is critical to competing effectively in today’s highly competitive and highly differentiated travel market. These, along with the online travel agencies, can make a huge difference to your bookings even during the low seasons, allowing you to capture the leads and drive up some sales. But installing an accommodation booking software is just the first step to the successful deployment of technology in your bookings process. There are additional steps that you will need to undertake in order to make this work for your business and fill in the rooms. Travel product providers should deploy the online accommodation booking system alongside other strategies in order to gain a huge chunk of the online bookings.

Many hotels and other accommodation establishments are generally unable to drive the bookings based on pricing alone due to the requirements for the rate parity between these travel providers and the online travel agencies. This parity requirement prohibits the travel providers from selling their accommodation at a price that is lower than that is listed on the OTAs. So in order for you to drive the sales, you have to actively pursue other channels in order to drive the bookings for your accommodation business.


There are plenty of online marketing strategies that businesses can use in order to drive traffic such as social media marketing and PPC marketing, but blogging or content marketing strategies are still one of the best out there for reaching out to your core market and audiences. You can blog about the various deals and promotions that you are offering on your travel website. Have a beautifully built and informative corporate blog that you can use in order to pitch the various deals and promos to your customer base.

It is also important that these articles that you publish on your blog are also well optimized with keywords that you are targeting along with the relevant links to your accommodation website so that it becomes an organic part of your SEO marketing strategy.

Make Good Use of Design Strategies to Maximize Conversion

Your booking portal alone will not be sufficient to generate the conversions if you have a shoddy website which does not inspire customer trust. It is therefore important to invest in smart web design in order to capture most of the traffic that lands on your website. Deploy the various landing page optimization strategies in order to make it easier to book accommodation on your website. Have prominent Calls to Action and a great unique selling point that will support website conversions.

Get Active on Reviews Websites

Customers will most likely post reviews of your establishment on websites such as TripAdvisor. It is important to get active in these sites not just for the reputation management but also to offer genuine assistance and replies to customers’ concerns. This level of responsiveness will undoubtedly inspire trust in your services.

Create Packages

One of the best ways to improve bookings on your accommodation booking system is by creating exciting travel packages for your customers. Through packaging and various other perks, you can offer your buyers advantageous pricing while still maintaining the rate parity agreements with the online travel providers. There are lots of addons that you can incorporate in order to make the packages more attractive to the buyers.