Top Tips When Planning Similan Islands Liveaboard Diving Trips


Planning to go on liveaboard diving Thailand tours? The Similan Islands should certainly be uppermost in your mind. They are noted for their attractiveness as a top diving and snorkeling destination in the country and amongst the top rated destinations for many elite divers. One of the biggest advantages of Similan is that it is open for the longest duration for diving- a total of 7 months running from October to May.

Liveaboard diving Thailand tours in the Similan Islands will offer you one of the most fantastic experiences and that allows you to have a memorable encounter with the whale sharks or even dive with the giant mantas, truly majestic creatures. There are also numerous dive sites around although it helps to carry out a comprehensive research on the sites available in order to have the best experience.

Popular liveaboard diving sites in Similan

Some of the most popular diving sites in the Similan include the Elephant Head Rock as well as the Deep Six. There is also the Breakfast Bend, situated off island 9.  To the northeast of the islands is the Koh Bon which is one of the most popular sites for those who are going on a day trip and it is here that you can also experience some of the most scenic sites that Thailand has to offer. While there are no beaches here, it is here that you can experience some of the giant manta rays.

Divers also love the Richelieu Rock which is a part of the Surin National Park. It is loved by many liveaboards on the Similan Islands. There is the main giant rock which resembles horseshoe and this is surrounded by many other smaller rocks in the area. The surrounding areas are generally sandy but it is here that you can experience the vast array of marine life found in this place. If you are lucky, you can also spot some of the whale sharks here.

The Similan Islands are also loved for the various opportunities for snorkeling which allows you to see an array of wonderful sea creatures. Sometimes, you can see more than the divers who are below thanks to the clear waters. You can see the giant manta rays or even whale sharks when you are snorkeling here. Thanks to the diversity of the marine life, you won’t miss a thing during your snorkeling tours here.

Koh Bon is great for the liveaboard diving Thailand expeditions but it is also a good spot where you can snorkel and watch the majestic manta rays. The Richelieu Rock is as popular with the snorkelers as it is with the liveaboards and provides the perfect post to see the whale sharks.

The dive operators will advise you accordingly on the best times to go out for the liveaboards and make sure you ask lots of questions so that you are adequately prepared for the experience. For the best experience, choose the best liveaboard companies that will guarantee you some great experiences. You can also hunt for some great diving deals on websites such as and make some great savings during the liveaboard tours.