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Food Styling: A Feast For Your Eyes

Food is meant to tempt the eyes before the palette and the stomach. The sight of a smoky slab of meat evokes feelings of hunger and awakens your taste buds: a visceral call to action. Social standards aside, you just can’t wait to just chomp down and sate your ravenous appetite. At present, we’ve gone far beyond our primitive and barbaric roots yet our bodies still react with the same instincts. Food preparation has evolved into a fine art as a feast for both your eyes and your stomach. As a testament to the refinement of our tastes and our etiquette Top Shelf Concepts features only the finest in food serving equipment where form and function bring out the visual and gustatory appeal in every dish served. Whether you’re running a hotel, bakery, restaurant, catering business or dessert bar, you can be sure that your meals are presented in a wide range of styles that fits both your ambiance and your budget. By elevating the standards for food serving equipment and transforming it into an art form you can cater to customers with the most refined of tastes and engage in upping the ante of your business. If you’re the eco-friendly and socially conscious type of foodie, you’ll discover that Top Shelf Concepts has an extensive product line of serving solutions that do Mother Nature a lot of good such as newsprint waxed paper presented in an avant garde way. You’ll never see food serving equipment the same way again, and neither will your customers.

The eco-styled product line includes pine food boats for sushi and appetizers that are durable and easy to hold while moving around in a party. Rossetto cereal dispensers display the breakfast goodies in transparent cases with ease of use, just tip the lever to pour cereal into your bowl. Topping dispensers can contain nuts, cookie bits, candy sprinkles, chopped herbs and all the other condiments you can enjoy. Disposable wooden cutlery is also available as an alternative to plastic spoons and forks. Rossetto acrylic bakery display cases show off your bread and pastries while keeping them fresh for immediate consumption, giving your pantry and kitchen a rustic feel with a modern twist. The buffet displays can be matched with the theme of a particular event or restaurant as these can be configured in a wide array of shapes, patterns, materials, finishes and styles. You can always find the right display that will match both your budget and your taste. Since the company is customer-centric: it takes care of your needs first and envisions itself as your partner in long-term success.

As an industry leader in creative food presentation, Top Shelf Concepts has delivered a consistent quality of service to its expansive client base in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific regions. For every event and institution that involves food and hospitality management, the company has all the right tools and solutions to keep the customer engaged and excited while stakeholders are assured of a flexible product line and reliable support staff. Top Shelf Concepts is the exclusive distributor of Rossetto products in the Asia-Pacific region.

Making it Look as Good as it Tastes

The ‘taste’ lies in the eyes of the beholder. This is very true when it comes to food. Hotels, restaurants and other food businesses do not rely on taste only to sell their dishes; sight is extremely important. The first thing that draws a prospective customer in is the sight of well presented food. Whether it is in pictures, video advertisements or even in a display stand, it is important to ensure that you have appealed to the sight of your customers. This will give you a cutting edge and ensure that you stand out from the crowded marketplace. Top Shelf Concepts is a company that is there to help you achieve this goal by providing top quality food serving equipment and food displays.

Wide range of clients

The company has built a track record of quality and excellent customer service. Clients range far and wide and include hotels, resorts, restaurants, airport terminals, commercial kitchens, festivals, parks and many others. With a wide variety of equipment, the company eases the process of keeping people fed and also ensures that food businesses keep their doors open.

Food Serving Equipment

The quality of a hotel is in how it serves its customers. Ensuring efficient services which also appeal to the sight of customers will earn you more quality ratings. Some of the popular serving solutions that Top Shelf Concepts provide include newsprint greaseproof paper, mini dishes for on-the-go meals, boats, cups, cones, platters, cereal dispensers and whatever else you can think of. Whatever your need is, you can be sure that it will be met.

Food displays

As mentioned before, the taste is in the sight. The better your displays are the more customers you will get. A not-so-popular meal can become popular simply because of the type of display you have chosen for it. Food displays are important in cafes, hotels, airport lounges, bakeries, festivals and sport centres. What Top Chef Concepts provide is something easy to use, easy to clean and easy to access. Some of their display products include bakery cases, buffet displays, acrylic food displays, buffet systems and many more.

Considerations before purchase

It is important to know what you want and what’s important before you make any buys. There are various aspects regarding food displays and food serving equipment that you should put into consideration.

  1. Quality – You cannot expect to attract customers without quality equipment. This means that you have to be read to spend a few extra bucks to get the best.
  2. Usability – Ease of use is another important feature. Buy something that will not waste your time as you try to figure out how to use it. This will boost productivity.
  3. Safety – avoid accidents by going for the best. Extensively assess each product before buying it to ensure that it will not lead to any accidents later on. This is especially so for equipment that is used with hot foods. Accidents can also lead to loss of money as a result of spillages and breakages.
  4. Space – Top Shelf Concepts provides different equipment that is ideal for different uses. You can therefore choose from a variety of them depending on space available and capacity required.